A Year In Recruitment

My First Year In Recruitment

By Joe O'Brien -

A year ago today, I started working in recruitment at PRC. As my first job out of university I was unsure exactly what to expect. Naturally, I had several preconceptions both positive and negative about what recruitment entailed but I was pleased that with PRC’s focus on acting with integrity my concerns were quickly alleviated.

Despite an understanding of some aspects of property from completing a degree in architecture, the role has required me to learn a great deal about completely new sectors within property which I was unaware of. During my first twelve months, I worked across different alternative investment asset classes which proved to be one of the most fulfilling parts of the year going from a position of not knowing the answers to ‘basic’ questions to being able to truly advise and assist both candidates and clients with my rapidly growing market knowledge.

I was told early on that the first year in recruitment is the hardest. It certainly can be tough and present difficult moments, but it is in these times when you learn the most about the role and yourself as they force you to be resilient and determined. Genuinely I feel lucky to have been part of such a supportive group where I have constantly been developed and coached through situations by colleagues who have worked in recruitment for their whole career and this undoubtedly made the hard work easier to navigate.

I’ve always enjoyed dealing with people and this is one of the aspects which appealed to me most about a career in recruitment and I can honestly say it is my favourite part of the role. Highlights have included both our own Student Accommodation awards and the Property Week Awards which both gave a great chance to network and learn.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year and feel I have come a long way from knowing next to nothing about PBSA and PRS to dealing with the recruitment of all roles in northern England and Scotland. In all honesty, despite taking on a lot of new information it has been really enjoyable and has allowed me to have fun at work as well as an opportunity to enjoy some great events throughout the year.