Flexible Workspaces in 2019

by Cameron MacRae

Flexible workspace is booming and the choices for consumers are becoming more and more varied. Find out the top areas we see moving into 2019…

Traditional serviced office providers have led the market for a long time. Serviced offices tend to provide private, flexible, and often unbranded spaces. These flexible spaces give companies the opportunity to grow and shrink their office space as needed. Serviced offices provide dedicated on-site reception teams and sometimes even community managers who help bring resident companies together.

Coworking, used to be associated with hotdesking. Nowadays, coworking spaces pride themselves on their events, networking opportunities and top-notch facilities including meeting rooms, gyms and cafes. These spaces are massively popular with some businesses joining as members to utilise the space as and when they wish, while others opt for more luxurious spaces with concierge style facilities.

Incubator and accelerator coworking is a relatively new and growing concept in the UK. These spaces offer affordable locations to work from alongside access to regular business support events and even connections to investors while they grow their knowledge and businesses to a point where they can move into their own space. This then makes room for more start-ups moving into the area who can benefit from their services and surround themselves with likeminded companies who are in similar development stages.

Touchdown meeting, events, and conferencing spaces are a subsidiary of the flexible office market as they generally work on a membership basis that allows access to meeting rooms, events spaces, conferencing rooms, coworking, and a small amount of serviced offices. These venues eliminate the traditional method of meeting important clients in uninspiring, unproductive places around the UK whilst providing interactive, collaborative and productive spaces in desirable locations.With providers expanding their portfolio within a unique concept, could this be one of the next booming areas of the flexible market?

Flexible workspaces show no signs of stopping, this market has already grown exponentially and is paving the way for greater choice with more tailored products to the specific needs of the customer. Are you interested in the possibility of working within this growing sector? Get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.