Video Intros: Facilitating the best recruitment process

As recruitment evolves, both candidates and clients find themselves in an increasingly saturated marketplace, regardless of the sector they work in. Therefore, here at PRC, we have adapted our recruitment methods in order to keep up with modern technologies that can benefit all parties. We have found video introductions to be a vital new addition to the recruitment process.

Video introductions afford our clients a much better understanding of their candidates. They provide a unique insight into the candidate’s personality, presentability and whether their overall culture fits that of the client; information that cannot be gleaned from a CV alone. The ability to present numerous candidates to a client also eliminates the lengthy first-stage interview process, allowing clients to make an informed decision as to who to meet in person. This means clients will meet the best possible people for the role, and not miss out on potential ‘gems’ that could be missed by simply scanning a CV.

Our video introduction process allows us to make sure that our candidates are being considered for more roles, in more relevant sectors; with potential employers having a clearer picture of them as individual ahead of a face-to-face interview. Too often candidates feel that their interviews have been decided within the first 5 minutes and that the following 25-40 minutes become a formality. Short introductory videos ensure that no time is wasted for both client and candidate.

A video introduction also gives the candidate a chance to demonstrate their passion for the role and highlight the role they would like to find. Typically, candidates rely on recruitment consultants to pass on their enthusiasm, and though we are well versed in this, only a candidate can convey their excitement about a role to the fullest.

At PRC, we are always striving to utilise the best forms of technology to connect our clients and candidates. If you’d like to hear more about our use of video in recruitment, get in touch today!

By Wesley Beckenham