We Do Recruitment Differently

Recruitment, meet PRC.

By Andrew White - 

It’s fair to say that recruitment agencies don’t always have the best reputation. They’re known for talking a lot, about a topic they don’t really understand and then disappearing from the planet immediately afterwards, while working at a recruitment agency is known for its long days, aggressive consultant competitions and lack of any quality benefits.

Recruitment, meet PRC. We do things differently, and we’d like to tell you how.

Our hiring process allows us to identify the very best recruiters and recruiters-to-be. Anyone joining us who is new to the industry gets paired up with one of our most experienced consultants who often have five to ten years background in recruitment and specifically in the sector for which they are recruiting. Our specially designed PRC Academy starts two weeks before anyone joins the team, and goes all the way through a consultants first two years at PRC ensuring that we consistently deliver the highest standard of customer service to all of our clients and candidates.

We realise we don’t have it all perfect and always need new ideas, for that reason we send our team for regular offsite training days with highly reputable organisations and pair everyone with a mentor to help listen and guide. Both here and in our PRC Academy training program our team learn valuable tools in truly understanding the needs of everyone we are working with. Our consultants don’t just recruit for our clients, they build long standing relationships and do everything they can to know our clients. Across Europe, you’ll regularly find our team in our client’s workspaces getting to know their needs, seeing what they are doing, how they are doing it, and sharing how we can help them do it better.

At PRC we listen to our clients, we hear our candidates, we understand our sectors from the inside out and we like keeping in touch. It might go against the grain of “what a recruitment agency is”, but we like it that way.

Interested in working for a recruitment agency that does things differently? We’d love to hear from you, and we know that you’ll love working with us. We don’t have long days, in fact we just shortened our work day starting 2019 in recognition that long days don’t mean we get more done. We have friendly competition in the office, but more importantly than that, we have a culture of supporting each other. Like rugby players in a ruck we work together to reach our goals, recognising that together we can each go further. Unlimited paid annual leave, premium subscriptions to Perkbox, flexible working, pension schemes, great salaries, regular promotion opportunities and commission schemes are just some of the benefits that we offer.

We do things very differently and we’re proud of it. Working at PRC is a unique recruitment experience and we invite you to get in touch with us today, whether you’re considering joining the industry or are a seasoned veteran. We’re always hiring the right people.