Welcome To The Office

My First Month at PRC

Depending on who you ask, “The Office” can mean different things to different people. For some, the first thing that springs to mind is a sitcom first aired in the UK in 2001, starring a man with an unintentionally offensive personality. A man who you start to pity so much, that feelings of affection come to a fore. The same man that has helped to coin the phrase “team individuality”.

For most though, the office is place of monotonous tasks that lack imagination. A place that breeds glum faces and shames stingy tea makers. For me, having recently joined PRC, it involves things that I could have only dreamed of in previous office environments.

There is no place to begin other than mentioning the world’s most friendly canine companion, Bear Dog, who can regularly be found attached to the Founder of our business, Kevin Redman. Bear shares Kevin’s passion for recruitment, so much so that he often sits in on meetings with future consultants and has even been known to attend a client meeting or two! There is no better way to cheer you up on a Monday morning than a big Bear hug!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first 4 weeks at PRC. It is an office full of energy and an environment that celebrates success and contributions of all varieties. We have even hired a Business Improvement Manager, whose time will be dedicated to making PRC a better place to work. We all admit we have a lot more to achieve, but early signs show me that we have a fantastic foundation to succeed as a market leader across Property Recruitment. For those thinking about either their first role in recruitment, or a change of scenery for a more experienced consultant, I would recommend no place higher.

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