Assistant General Manager - up to £35,000 - Liverpool

Assistant  General Manager - up to £35,000 - Liverpool


The Assistant General Manager provides critical hands-on leadership in the community and is responsible for the overall performance of the property and maintaining standards within established operational and budgetary objectives. This includes building relationships and communicating clearly with residents, efficient administration, expense control, ensuring the proper physical maintenance of the building and surrounding property and daily management of support staff or external contractors.


Duties are broken down as follows: customer service, building management, fire safety, health and safety, site security, preparation of vacant units for marketing, cleaning, administration and property maintenance.


Customer Service


  • Organise, promote, and conduct resident events.
  • Ensure resident issues and service requests are addressed within 24 hours.
  • Promote a neighbourly and community atmosphere.
  • Meet and interact with residents in a customer friendly and professional manner.
  • Undertake programs to recognise long term residents.
  • Seek ways to exceed service expectations of residents.


Building Maintenance / Health and Safety / Fire Safety / Site Security


  • To report incidents/maintenance issues and breakdowns to the Landlord or their Representative where appropriate.
  • Undertake repairs and maintenance if required,
  • To ensure Health and Safety guidelines are adhered to and all risks to visitors, staff and residents are removed or reported,
  • To ensure that electrical items are inspected and safe before use.
  • To deliver mail shots where required.
  • To collect post from vacant units and return to sender on a weekly basis.
  • To run the water from each tap and shower slowly in vacant units within the 24 hour period prior to a new occupant moving in. The water to run for up to 5 minutes and slowly enough to ensure that there is no spray.
  • To ensure contractors on-site observe noise and other restrictions.
  • To issue guidelines to contractors on dealing with hazardous materials where required.
  • To ensure that any contractor working on site reviews the asbestos register and operates in accordance with Health and Safety guidelines for the activity they are engaged in; reporting to the Landlord or their Representative at once any inappropriate conduct or hazardous working practises.
  • To ensure that instructions given by Building Owners are carried out.
  • To ensure that instructions given by the Landlord or their Representative are carried out.
  • To assist the Landlord or their Representative where possible.
  • To assist residents, and give assistance where necessary to visitors to the estate.
  • Training will be provided to become a Fire Warden and the member of staff will be expected to uphold this responsibility, for instance by making sure exit routes are kept clear.
  • The AGM is expected to be flexible in their approach to responding to emergencies outside normal working hours.
  • To read all utility meters as directed by the Managers.
  • To monitor the outside and inside of the building for suspicious activity.
  • Report any suspicious activity to the relevant authorities and to the Landlord or their Representative.
  • To ensure budget responsibility is monitored and that a monthly report against expenditure with all variances explained can be provided.
  • To ensure where appropriate if the service provision on site requires amending that a recommendation and reference to the budget is provided to the client and Head of BTR Operations.
  • On an annual basis, in conjunction with finance, to provide an anticipated expenditure budget for the forthcoming year.


Marketing and Apartment Viewings


  • Knowledgeable and welcoming approach demonstrated to existing and prospective and residents.
  • Understanding of the local market both in terms of pricing and trends / seasonality, in order to advise accordingly on rental pricing.
  • Knowledge of tenancies coming to expiration, and discussions with tenants on renewing their lease at market rent.
  • Knowledge of the vacant units available to let.
  • Arrange and undertake viewings of the available units in the absence of a member of the lettings team.
  • Convert the viewings to offers.
  • Handover of deal to the lettings team for processing, 



  • To sweep all tiled and hard floors.
  • To dust all ledges / window ledges / skirting’s in addition to the cleaning maintenance.
  • To wash and polish signage.
  • To ensure all accessible roof areas are clear of leaf fall and litter.
  • To clear gulley’s, drains and gutters where accessible.
  • To move refuse bins as might be necessary to ensure they are collected.
  • To sweep and litter pick externally and internally.


Exterior Duties

  • Snow and ice removal, salting of all entrances, walkways, and rooftop accesses.
  • Handling of garbage and recycling bins.
  • General maintenance of underground garage and parking levels, service rooms, foyers, patios, and rooftops (where applicable).
  • Watering of gardens and lawns.
  • Pick up loose garbage around exterior of property and detect any serious deficiencies about curb appeal or hazards to residents.


Interior Duties

  • General maintenance of common areas (lobbies, elevators, hallways, stairwells, windows) and amenity areas.
  • Dusting and cleaning of fire hose cabinets and bells and lift tracks.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of rubbish/recycling drop off areas (walls, floors).

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Wednesday 28th April, 2021

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