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Taking the guesswork out of recruitment

The Property Recruitment Company have always aimed to provide the best candidates in the markets we operate in, and as a result improve the personnel of our clients.

However, we recognise that presenting a number of strong CVS doesn’t always give our clients a full picture of the candidate’s capability prior to interview.

We are determined to improve this process, which is why we have created PRC 360.
Increase Staff Retention
Video Interviewing & Behavioral Assessments
Key Features available through PRC 360
Executive Summary

Written by your designated Account Manager, this provides you with additional, role-specific information that isn’t on the CV.

Personal Video Introduction

Recorded personally by each candidate, this allows you to form a first impression, early in the process.

Key Competency Questionnaire

Using critical information that you’ve provided, this helps you to assess practical suitability before you even speak to the candidate.

McQuaig Behavioural Assessment

After identifying the candidates’ drivers, we show you a comparison with your existing top performers, helping to remove subjectivity from your hiring decision.

Competency Benchmark Graph

This is a visual comparison snapshot that allows you to compare the candidates’ strengths in relation to their expected salary.

Candidate References

References are provided upfront and include information from past employers, colleagues and customers.

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PRC 360 is the combination of cutting edge technology paired with a wealth of recruitment experience to create the most robust, time efficient and disruptive online recruitment platform the Property Sector has ever seen. PRC has successfully delivered campaigns across the PBSA, PRS and Prime Residential Asset Classes. The platform provides you a candidate experience never seen before and is backed up by the fact that 96% of people who complete every aspect of the PRC360 process are still with their current employer 12 months on.

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We offer the following Services

Executive Search

Each assignment we undertake includes a detailed briefing meeting, use of our cutting edge PRC 360 online candidate portal, leading behavioral assessment reports and extended warranties on our work.

Consultancy Services

We can provide market analysis exercises, bespoke talent pooling, salary surveys and outsourced business development functions upon request.

International Market Research

We can offer research services and business introductions on an international level for real estate practices broadening their current coverage.

Behavioral Assessment Reporting

We can offer this as a stand alone service for clients looking to introduce more rigorous behavioral profiling to their in-house recruitment process.

Talent Alerts

Set up a “talent alert” through the PRC360 portal and never miss out on the perfect candidate for your business. This is perfect for clients with a well defined strategy over medium to long term hires.

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We understand the importance of delivering the best quality temporary cover within the quickest possible timescales. We have developed a booking application which enables us to upload candidates information, compliance and availability meaning our clients can have complete confidence we can fill any shift required 24/7.

Push Notification Capability

Shifts can be sent to Candidates registered to the App and accepted within minutes

Candidate Talent Pooling

Create a pool of candidates that have worked with you before and you would happily re-employ for shift cover. This improves consistency of temp staff onsite and brand loyalty

100% Compliant Candidates

Only candidates passing strict compliance and referencing can qualify for temporary cover

Dramatically Improved Fill Rates

Roles are much quicker to fill and the unique "re-push" capability means the re-booking of shifts can be done with a click of a button

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