Student Housing Leadership Awards

Coming soon to a venue near you in 2022!

PRC is excited to be hosting the 2022 SHLA's and recognise the exceptional talent working in Student Housing across the UK. Dates and categories to be announced soon!

The 2017/2018 Winners

Operational Support Member of the Year

Winner: Simon Mansell (Host) - for "obtaining ISO accreditations and developing the appropriate support systems. Combining this with successfully managing the existing buildings and mobilisation of two sites, outstanding."

Site Team of the Year

Winner: Wembley Team (Scape) - for demonstrating "fantastic teamwork and well thought through ethos which has massively contributed to the student experience."

Student Welfare Initiative of the Year

Winner: GSA for demonstrating "a comprehensive and well researched approach to student welfare which reflects the vulnerability of young people away from home for the first time."

Unsung Hero of the Year

Joint Winner: Dan King (Host) - For demonstrating "he has gone above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions and standing out with his innovative ideas to make new students feel more comfortable."

Joint Winner: Rebecca McNulty (CRM) - For "a great work ethic dealing with floods from 2am, and offering support for students' mental health - hugely important for those away from home for the first time."

Site Staff Member of the Year

Winner: Lisa Kennedy (Prime Student Living) - for being "a most well rounded candidate on operations, management, leasing and marketing."

What do the SHLA's mean for contestants?

"It was lovely to have my hard work appreciated! I was shocked that she has been put forward by my Director, and despite being a little embarrassed I was absolutely thrilled."

Emma Colbeck - Winner of Accommodation Manager of the Year 2018

"It was great to win on behalf of my employer, it was a great sense of achievement. The SHLA’s give an opportunity for individuals and teams to receive an award, not just the business as a whole."

Laura Freeman - Winner of Sales Pitch of the Year 2017

"They really made you feel special, it was a great night for networking as well and I loved being able to see the pictures and everything on The Property Recruitment Company website after."

Caroline Cannon - Winner of Student Accommodation Manager of the Year 2017

"I’m thrilled to have won a SHLA. It means so much to have been put forward and have my work recognised in this way. It was a fantastic event to be a part of."

Lisa Kennedy, Prime Student Living - Winner of Site Staff Member of the Year 2019

I was absolutely thrilled to have won alongside Simon and had an outstanding night. It is such an incredible event to have the opportunity to be a part of!

Rebecca McNulty - Joint Winner of Unsung Hero of the Year 2019

Being given recognition from not only my colleagues who nominated me but an external body is beyond amazing. I’ve never won anything in my life, and I couldn’t be more chuffed if I tried!

Dan King - Joint Winner of Unsung Hero of the Year 2019

We are delighted to receive this award, and the continued recognition of our well-being framework as we continue to make a real difference to students lives.

GSA - Winner of Student Welfare Initiative of the Year 2019

It was an honour to have won this award, particularly with so many worthy nominees. What makes this more special is knowing that you were nominated by your work colleagues.

Simon Mansell - Winner of Operational Support Member of the Year 2019